Michael Paul Jackson

Media Strategist


As Media Strategist, Michael is responsible for building and implementing traditional and online media outreach and placement systems at the local, state, and national levels, with a focus on pitching both The Opportunity Agenda staff and key partners. His work includes developing and implementing strategic communications plans for organization-wide programs and project-specific media outreach.

Michael has a long career as a communications professional. He was a journalist for more than ten years, reporting on issues such as racial disparities in health-care, criminal justice, biotechnology, rising health insurance costs and labor unions. Many of his stories touched on how systems directly impact people, including people of color. As a reporter, Michael shared a state press award for a multi-part series examining mental health care in North Carolina.

Michael’s journalism work eventually took him to social justice nonprofit organizations. Prior to the Opportunity Agenda, he was the Communications Officer for LISC NYC, one of the largest affordable housing organizations in the country. He has also worked as a grant writer for the Union Settlement Association, a large social service organization in East Harlem.

Michael received his MA from Long Island University in Brooklyn, where he studied media arts and produced a feature film about gentrification in 2012. He has a BA in English and a BS in Business from SUNY Buffalo.