Rachel Grow

Executive Coordinator


As the Executive Coordinator, Rachel plays a significant role in supporting smooth and efficient operations for the Executive Director, as well as working across departments with the Program Directors, serving as the primary contact for all internal and external requests. Aside from relationship management, she maintains oversight and organization of materials, while strategizing solutions and conducting research on relevant topics to present to the appropriate staff. Looking closely at existing organizational structures, she is developing and implementing improved systems and protocols.

Rachel holds a BFA from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where she majored in Drama and minored in Politics. Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles where she spent more than 10 years working in the entertainment industry as an actress, both on camera and as a voiceover artist. In addition, she worked as a development assistant to some of Hollywood’s top tier talent which afforded her the ability to work across various mediums which ran the gamut from major motion pictures to television shows to reality based programming, theatrical productions, short films, web series, and comic book libraries being branded for cross-platform media. Her deep immersion in the entertainment industry led to a desire to produce her own work that is both relevant and thought provoking. The quest to produce went hand in hand with learning proper accounting and bookkeeping methods for which she became certified and started her own business. Personal referrals and a desire to give back to the world led Rachel to take a break from entertainment and accept a job as the Finance Manager for a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. That opportunity allowed her to experience the work of over 150 projects that spanned initiatives from social issues to environmental concerns.

Rachel’s decision to move back to her roots in NYC did not alter her decision to continue to work in the nonprofit sector while maintaining her passion for entertainment, finance, and the social issues facing our nation at the most crucial moments in her lifetime. The Opportunity Agenda has proved to be the perfect culmination of every ability she has acquired over the years, and provided her the space to utilize her passions to realize the goals of this organization: moving hearts and minds to drive lasting policy and cultural change while expanding opportunities for all.