Cultural Strategies

The Opportunity Agenda sees culture as a powerful force for moving hearts, minds and policies, and we see cultural strategies as the secret to unlocking culture‚Äôs social change power. By convening, connecting and supporting artists, media makers and advocates, we are amplifying the impact of cultural strategies, raising the profile of leading practitioners of these strategies, and showing movement leaders why creativity must be a part of their toolkit.

Our work in this area includes:

Creative Change Retreat and Strategy Sessions: Our Retreat and Regional Strategy Sessions bring together artists, media makers and advocates to strategize around collaborative action, and to build relationships that can help bring arts and social justice approaches to the public sphere.

Creative Change Awards: We have honored some of the most innovative thinkers and doers in this space, exposing a large audience to cutting edge work.

Research, Training, and Analysis: We develop communications and research resources specifically for cultural leaders, and repurpose existing tools for the work of cultural leaders as well.

Cultural strategies are an essential component of achieving lasting social change, but many advocacy organizations in the social justice movement either do not fully recognize their potential or do not know how to blend them with more traditional approaches. At the same time, many of the most innovative artists whose work promotes social justice values want to be involved in social change efforts, but feel disconnected from organizing and policy efforts.

The Opportunity Agenda creates tools and resources to bridge this gap, helping artists become effective spokespeople and helping advocates understand how best to work with artists.