Working in Partnership

The Opportunity Agenda is a social justice communication lab. We believe that everyone in the country should have full opportunity. Too often, though, the social justice community faces well-financed communication efforts supporting unjust policies. To counter that, we collaborate with social justice leaders on policy and communication and engage with artists and creatives to tell powerful stories that drive lasting culture and policy change.

With social justice leaders, we provide training, research, and support that develops their capacity to tell a values-based story and move top-of-spigot policy solutions. Our key strategies include the annual Communications Institute, through which we develop and place a rising cohort of powerful voices, and the regular creation of communications tools for discussing critical opportunity issues.

With artists, creatives, and cultural influencers, we encourage the development of a creative and inspired social justice movement, most notably through Creative Change retreats, where social justice leaders and creatives co-create tangible projects that further opportunity-supporting narratives.