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April 22, 2020

As the coronavirus crisis has evolved, we've seen many already-existing inequalities in health care and economic opportunity exasperated. This week, as Congress is moves to advance a new major aid package, our partners are pushing for aid that will help the communities that need it most.   

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

No More Corporate Bailouts from the Small Business Relief Fund

This week, we learned that large corporations were among the first to see large checks from the quickly exhausted COVID small business recovery fund. Calls grew for those companies to return their grants, and for Congress to support the small independent businesses at the heart of our communities, including low-income small businesses and those owned by people of color. Meanwhile, as stimulus checks began going out to individuals, local community aid groups developed ways for those who may not need the help — or who are lucky enough to still collect a paycheck — to share the wealth with those in need.   

Resources: Share My Check Campaign and Share Your Paycheck (Resource Generation)

Read More: Do's and Dont's for Coronavirus Relief Package (Tax March); Not This Time — Watch Out for Wall Street in a Pandemic (; Urgent Policy Needs to Support Small Businesses (Main Street Alliance); A Coronavirus Recovery Demands Substantial, Durable Aid for State and Local Governments (Center for American Progress); It's Time to Rethink Those Tax Cuts (Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy);

COVID Recovery for Undocumented Families

Undocumented families have thus far been excluded from nearly all COVID-19 recovery programs. One exception is California, the first state to step up and address the needs of its undocumented population (nearly 6% of the state). Though the California fund will only cover a small portion of that state's undocumented population, it's a start. The pressure is now on other states. In the absence of governmental support, our allies have have stepped in with grants and crowdfunding efforts to create emergency funds for undocumented members of our community.   

Resources: United We Dream's National Undocufund supports undocumented families hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis; The Opportunity Agenda's Talking About COVID-19 Toolkit provides messaging based in equity and justice. 

Read More: Undocumented workers among those hit first — and worst (Washington Post); California launches nation's first disaster relief fund for undocumented immigrants (The Guardian)

Earth Day


Earth Day is a day to come together in support of environmental protection. As the world unites to tackle the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, some see hope and a model for moving quickly to address another urgent global crisis: climate change. This year, allies are organizing for environmental justice online, including advocacy for the Green New Deal as part of economic recovery packages, and organizing in support of 2020 candidates who will confront the urgent crisis of climate change. "There is another world in which policymakers and politicians planning for economic recovery decide to make building a carbon-neutral society a priority," writes Meehan Crist.

Upcoming Media Hooks & Events

April 22 - May 7

Below is a list of upcoming communication hooks as well as events that you can use to reach new audiences and inform existing ones. Click on each link for messaging tools and hashtags. Note that many plans are in flux as communities address the coronavirus crisis. Check parter websites for news on how to participate and safely support events remotely. 

Events and Cultural Hooks:

Historical Anniversaries and Birthdays: 

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