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August 8, 2018

This edition of The Opportunity Agenda's weekly action alert system offers tools and tips for using breaking news to frame and advance economic opportunity and racial justice solutions between August 8 – 15, 2018.

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Gearing Up for Farm Bill Negotiations

Both houses of Congress are in recess this week, but advocates are already preparing for Farm Bill negotiations next month. Congress wants to get the legislation to the president’s desk before the end of September. Trump has tweeted that the bill should include work requirements for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients, but did not say if he would veto the bill without them. This is our last chance to make sure a final Farm Bill contains no cuts to SNAP. Use the recess to talk about the values of Economic Security and Community.

Oppose Kavanaugh's Nomination to the Supreme Court's

Angela N via Flickr CC

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination would shape court decisions that will affect generations. Equally disturbing is that President Trump is seeking to name a pivotal justice to the very court that will likely rule on any criminal charges brought against him and his administration. We must do all that we can to prevent any Trump nomineeThis week, the #SaveSCOTUS campaign is focusing on #WhatsAtStake (health care and reproductive justice) with the Supreme Court justice nomination. Organizations are also focusing on health care/women’s freedom at events in several states.

Preparing for the Unfair Public Charge Immigration Rule

Favianna Rodriguez

Advocates are expecting the public charge rule for immigration any moment, most likely before the end of the month. Many have heard that the administration wants to get the rule out before the election since it polls well for them. Cite the values of Community and Economic Security when discussing this issue.

Upcoming Media Hooks & Events

Thursday, August 9

Dignidad Rebelde

Four years ago on this day, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, an African-American teenager. The killing sparked days of protest in Ferguson, MO. Use this anniversary to discuss police brutality and redefining safety in our communities. Cite the values of Voice and Equality.

Douglas Miles

The United Nations has designated today as International Day of the World's Indigenous People. Use this hook to amplify the voices and issues facing Native American communities by citing the values of Economic Security, Equality, and Voice.

Saturday, August 11


In 1965, the Watts Rebellion was ignited by the violent arrest of an African-American driver in Los Angeles. Use this anniversary to discuss policing and economic opportunity with your networks. Cite the values of Equality and Economic Security.

Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12

Southern Poverty Law Center

One year ago, white supremacist activists rallied in Charlottesville to protest the removal of the city’s Robert E. Lee statue. During this “Unite the Right” rally, a counter protester, Heather Heyer, was killed. Use this anniversary to talk about the values that Heather was defending: racial justice and the values of Equality and Community.

Monday, August 13 – Friday, August 17

Planned Parenthood

The #SaveSCOTUS campaign focuses on #WhatsAtStake (health care and reproductive justice) with the Supreme Court justice nomination. This week, organizations are also focusing on Immigration/DACA and Dark Money.

Monday, August 13


The third episode of the new documentary series, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story airs tonight. The series reexamines the life and legacy of Trayvon Martin, whose death became a catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement in 2012. Use the values of Equality and Voice when discussing the series.

Tuesday, August 14


On this day in 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. Use this anniversary to discuss policy changes that would undermine the social safety net by reaffirming the values of Economic Security and Community. 

Football Schedule

Today also marks the first time that professional football player Colin Kaepernick protested racial injustice and police brutality during the national anthem in 2016. Use this news hook to talk about the First Amendment right to challenge injustice.

Wednesday, August 15

Nicolas Lampert

On this day in 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) began to be implemented. This anniversary is important today because DACA recipients and their families are currently under threat. Refer to the values of Community, Voice and Economic Security when discussing this news hook.

Read & Share These New Tools and Resources



Use The Hamilton Project’s Where Work Pays: How Does Where You Live Matter for Your Earnings? to explain how typical earnings and the value of those earnings vary across the United States. There’s also an interactive map that allows users to explore how typical earnings vary across 320 occupations and 420 metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas.


Workers Lab

Use the Workers Lab’s Workplace Benefits to Benefits for Working to show that, for the vast majority of workers (particularly true for people of color, women, and immigrants) existing workplace benefits no longer ensure well-being.

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