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February 27, 2020

Late last week, there were three victories for immigrant rights.

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Celebrate CA Town for Standing Up to Private Prison Company

The city of McFarland, CA’s Planning Commission rejected the proposal from the private prison company GEO Group to convert two local state prisons into immigrant detention centers with 1,400 beds. This was the result of hundreds of community members, farm workers and allies marching, telling their stories and remaining throughout the hearing that extended late into the night. Discuss this victory by citing the values of Voice and Community.

Applaud Ruling that Border Detention is Unconstitutional


Also last week, a federal judge ruled on the Doe v. Wolf case which challenged border patrol detention conditions in the Tucson sector. The case was filed by the National Immigration Law Center, the American Immigration Council, ACLU of Arizona, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, and Morrison & Foerster LLP. The judge ruled that “CBP be enjoined [or blocked] from holding detainees…longer than 48 hours, unless CBP provides conditions of confinement that meet basic human needs.” Refer to the values of Equality, Economic Security and Community when talking about this news.

Commend Greyhound for Respecting the Rights of Riders


Last Friday, the largest bus company in the U.S., Greyhound, announced it will no longer allow Border Patrol agents to do immigration checks on its buses without a warrant. This happened a week after The Associated Press reported on a leaked Border Patrol memo confirming that agents can’t board private buses without the consent of the company. The ACLU has been pressuring Greyhound to make this change for many years. Discuss this development by citing the values of Equality, Community, and Economic Security.

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