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July 22, 2020

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Protecting Our Democracy: Responding to The Deployment of Federal Police

The freedom to gather and protest is a tenet of Democracy. Yet this past week, President Trump deployed federal law enforcement troops to the streets of Portland against the wishes of the city's mayor and Oregon's governor. This despite the fact that the street protests were slowing down before the troops arrived. The federal troops, who the Department of Homeland Security admitted are not properly trained for such a mission, have used tear gas and other tactics banned locally by judges and local policy. Trump's move is an escalation of the "law and order" rhetoric he has been using on the campaign trail, where he has suggested that Portland is a trial run for bringing federal troops to Chicago, Oakland, New York and other cities across the country in coming weeks. 

Many have pointed out that the federal force's tactics are typical of authoritarian regimes outside the U.S., but our immigrant communities have seen ICE and the U.S. Border Patrol use these terrorizing tactics for decades. And reports suggest that many in this ad-hoc federal force are drawn from Border Patrol teams. This moment is a reminder that defunding hate includes taking on the militarized and largely unaccountable Border Patrol. 

Resources & Messaging Examples: The Opportunity Agenda's Talking Policing Issues and Talking About Policing Issues: Border Communities; Indivisible's  Defunding Hate Means Protecting Black Lives; Color of Change's Building Narrative Power toolkit.
Read More: Border Patrol is Out of Control (The Week); The Border Patrol May Be Coming to Your Town (Mother Jones);
Hashtags: #DefundHate; #AbolishICE; #DefundThePolice#Portland

COVID and School Closings: States and Low-Income Families Face Tough Choices

K-12 schools in California will not reopen for in-person classes this fall, Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday. Other states are likely to make the same choice in the coming weeks as the pandemic is getting worse in much of the country. While the science indicates this is a safe and necessary decision to prevent the spread of COVID, it puts California’s low-income children at risk, as they get more than just education at school — meals and social services are often delivered there. 

What’s more, closed schools force many parents to choose between their job and staying home with their child — a choice nobody should have to make. This burden particularly falls on single working parents or low-income parents. And all of this disproportionately will affect communities of color, who don’t have the cushion for a nanny, tutors, and technical support for distance learning, exacerbating existing disparities and segregation in education. Yet there are visionary solutions, such as paid leave for all and universal child care, out there. 

Resources: The Opportunity Agenda's Talking About Families and Opportunity ReportMore Relief Needed to Alleviate Hardship (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities);
Learn more: COVID-19 Shows The U.S. Needs Universal Family Care (Sarita Gupta, Forbes); Webinar: Know Your Rights to Paid Sick Days (Family Values at Work); Tips for Caregivers (Caring Across Generations); The Coronavirus Will Make Child Care Deserts Worse and Exacerbate Inequality (Center for American Progress); States Are Reopening. Schools Aren’t. Does Anyone See the Problem Here? (Vogue); America Needs Some Repairs, Here's Where to Start (NY Times Opininon);
Call to Action and Hashtags: Call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to #SaveChildCare;  #PaidLeave4All

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