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June 10, 2021

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

As Supreme Court Term Nears End, Messaging Advice on Upcoming Decisions

As the Supreme Court term winds down over the next few weeks, important decisions regarding LGBTQ rights, the Affordable Care Act, voting rights, and criminal justice are expected. Now is a good time to review our messaging advice for talking about Supreme Court cases in general, and these cases in particular.

It is vital that we remember the constitutional values that laid the foundation for today’s essential liberties. Although our hope is that the Court will ensure everyone can fully enjoy the protections and rights provided by the Constitution; there are number of cases pending that could set us back on this aspiration. This includes challenges regarding the extent to which local governments can take steps to prevent organizations from discriminating against LGBTQ couples who want to foster children; whether states can constitutionally restrict voting; and whether the healthcare protections in the Affordable Care Act remain constitutional, among other important cases.

We believe that it is important to uplift the need to protect the hard-fought gains our country has made in promoting and preserving opportunity, while also acknowledging that these hard-fought gains remain incomplete. It is on this premise that we prepare ourselves to critically analyze Supreme Court decisions that might undermine the very progress that past decisions have achieved.

We encourage communicators, advocates, and anyone concerned with social justice to uplift the important point that Supreme Court justices must preserve prior decisions that protect and advance constitutional rights. Our latest memo includes recommendations for how to do this, informed by recent opinion research on talking about the Supreme Court as it gets ready to issue these end-of-term decisions. Read the memo. 

Five Strategies for Talking About Anti-Asian Racism

As we mark one year since racial justice protests swept the nation, we are seeing more people starting to understand how systemic racism impacts Asian American communities. However, anti-Asian attacks continue to rise across the country. And while words alone cannot address, heal, or prevent the damage that these cause, shaping and promoting narratives about equity, justice, dignity and respect does shift attitudes and culture over time. In that spirit, we put together five strategies for talking about anti-Asian hate, knowing that these are not sufficient alone, but are a place to start when tackling the long-term narrative shift work that helps to create a more just and equitable world.

This messaging memo was written with consultation and guidance from Gregory Cendana, president and co-founder of Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop! Consulting, and AJ Titong, partner and consultant at [re]imagine collective.

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Webinar June 25: Narrative Research Lab

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