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May 28, 2020

This week saw yet another tragic killing of a black man. George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police is yet another call for us to organize against racist violence. Below, we have the messaging to help you do this.

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Justice for George Floyd

The cellphone video of Ahmaud Arbery's murder, followed by this week's video capturing the tragic killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, serve as more stark reminders of the dehumanization and indignity faced by Black men in our country, and the need for us all to come together as a community to repudiate it and call for an end to racist violence.

Communications Tools: Use the Opportunity Agenda's Ten Lessons for Talking About Race and Improving Media Coverage and Public Perceptions of African-American Men and Boys to uplift the values that we all should be able to enjoy.

Hashtags: #JusticeOutLoud#SeeSomethingSaySomethin

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