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November 18, 2020

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

From Now to Inauguration: A VPSA for Talking About Our New Future

While Trump is still refusing to concede and Jan. 20 feels a long way away, there is still much to celebrate and spread joy regarding the results of the 2020 elections. For one, people came out in record numbers to cast their ballots. We should celebrate the historic 150 million voters nationwide and the nearly 79 million people who demanded change with their votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let’s also remember to celebrate the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx voters who used their votes to make their voices heard at the polls in high numbers, in states like Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. 

Resources: The Opportunity Agenda’s From Now to Inauguration: A VPSA for Talking About Our New FutureHow to Talk About A Contested Election; and Culture Surge's Content Hub

Hashtags: #Election2020 #EveryVoteCounts

Upcoming Media Hooks & Events

Events for November 18 - November 30


Join us on Friday, November 20th at 2pm to learn about a new project that created predictive voter models on immigration issues for every voter in the country.



November is National Family Care Giver's Month and Native American Heritage Month


Trans Awareness Week


Birthdays and Anniversaries

November 20, 1962: JFK issued a ban on racial discrimination at federally-funded housing organizations.

November 20, 1969: Native American activists occupied Alcatraz Island to protest the plight of Native Americans.


November 22, 2014: Tamir Rice was shot by police in Cleveland, Ohio.

November 30, 1924Shirley Chisholm, first Black Congresswoman, was born.

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