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November 7, 2018

This edition of The Opportunity Agenda's weekly action alert system offers tools and tips for using breaking news to frame and advance economic opportunity and racial justice solutions between Nov. 7 - 14, 2018.

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Keep Up Post-Election Momentum for Social Justice

As the results from yesterday’s election continue to come in, a powerful and encouraging story is emerging.  Across the country, millions and millions of Americans chose a shared future over fear, embraced our nation’s diversity as a source of strength, and adopted positive, pragmatic solutions to problems that lawmakers had failed to address.  And in the places where fear won out, the recipe for a new way forward began to emerge.Cite the values of Voice, Community and Economic Security when discussing election results.

Support Lawsuits to Stop the Census Citizenship Question

National Immigration Law Center

This week, a New York judge refused to delay arguments in a legal case against the planned citizenship question in the 2020 census. Use this news to discuss the values of Community and Equality with your audiences.

Upcoming Media Hooks & Events

During the Month of November

SHIELDS for Families

During National Caregivers Month, discuss our government's role in supporting caregivers. In Tuesday's election, voters in three states decided overwhelmingly to take care of each other, expanding opportunity to those in need. Montana, Utah and Idaho voted to expand Medicaid which is crucial support for caregiving. Cite the values of Community and Economic Security.

Kevin Peters

For Native American Heritage Month, discuss the values of Voice, Economic Security and Opportunity with your audiences.

Now through Dec. 15


Open enrollment for health insurance is running until Dec.15. Besides helping to advertise this fact (when the Trump administration refuses to), ou can discuss the importance of healthcare insurance by citing the values of Community and Economic Security. 

Friday, Nov. 9


On the Global Day Of InterAction For A #WorldwithoutWalls, activists bring together their experiences with 70 walls across the world. They plan to challenge policies that build walls against their struggles for justice and call for an end to “the architecture of impunity that shields corporations enabling, facilitating,and profiting from the construction and growth of visible and invisible walls of injustice.” Cite the values of Economic Security and Community.

Saturday, Nov. 10 - Sunday, Nov. 18


Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is sponsored each year by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness. When talking about homelessness this week, cite the values of Community, Voice, and Economic Security.

Sunday, Nov. 11 - Saturday, Nov. 17


During the #WeKeepUsSafe National Week of Action, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute lead a national conversation to reimagine community safety and encourage “grassroots innovation to demand investments in humanity and our planet, safety beyond policing, real community control, worker rights, community defense, divestment from militarization, and other programs that oppress our people.” Use the values of Community, Voice, and Economic Security when talking about the week of action.

Monday, Nov. 12 - Sunday, Nov. 18


Transgender Awareness Week raises the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people in order to address the issues the community faces. When discussing transgender concerns, be sure to refer to the values of Voice and Community.

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Nina Montenegro

The Opportunity Agenda commissioned artist Nina Montenegro to create high-resolution, downloadable art that illustrate values that would allow for a prospering economy. The images are free for our partners like you to use! 

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