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October 22, 2020

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Supreme Court Takes On Immigrant Justice Cases

This week the Supreme Court added two major cases to its docket that immigrant justice advocates will watch closely. 

The first seeks to end the Trump administration’s inhumane Remain in Mexico policy, which forces asylum seekers to wait indefinitely in dangerous camps and destabilized communities on Mexico’s side of the border.  Advocates assert that the policy violates U.S. law and international treaties that protect asylum seekers from being sent back to dangerous circumstances. 

The second case concerns spending on the border wall and militarization of border communities. Trump has diverted $6 billion in funds that Congress allocated for other purposes to build the wall that was one of his central campaign promises in 2016. Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress controls spending decisions. 

In related news, court documents filed this week revealed that the parents of 545 children separated from their families at the border cannot be found — appalling evidence that the Trump administration’s cruel border policies are not working and do not represent our values. 

With President Trump’s latest nominee for the Supreme Court advancing rapidly through the Republican controlled Congress and Election Day less than two weeks away, the landscape of the court and these policies could change dramatically by the time oral arguments in these cases take place in 2021. When discussing these cases with your audiences, remember to amplify the values of community, safety, and mobility. Our tools below can help you do that. 

Resources: The Opportunity Agenda’s Talking About The U.S. Border: Imprisoned Children and Separated Families; Five Tips for Talking About Border Communities Without Talking About a Wall; and Six Tips for Responding to Supreme Court Decisions
Hashtags: #abolishICE; #FreedomForImmigrants

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