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December 7, 2021

Amplify Values In These Emerging Issues

Nationwide Paid Leave is Within Our Reach

In November, the House-passed Build Back Better bill included paid leave among other critical human infrastructure investments for working and caregiving families. The vote puts a permanent, nationwide paid family and medical leave policy within our reach. Winning in the Senate, however, will require we continue to amplify the voices of caregivers and BIPOC organizations who are leading the charge. 

Everyone should enjoy full and equal opportunity to provide and care for their family. To make this shared value a living reality, we need a law that guarantees all workers can be with their loved ones AND earn a living—no exceptions; no matter where we work; and regardless of whether we are white, Black, or brown. 

With the holiday season bringing into focus our core values of economic opportunity, financial security, and being there for family, lean on our Messaging Memo for sample talking points. Remember to always connect individual stories to systemic solutions that create equal opportunity for all. And strike a balance between naming lawmakers who stand in our way and reminding audiences of the bigger vision:  our economy and society are healthier and more sustainable when families thrive.

Groups to signal boost:

Crafting your message:

Digging deeper into research:

Creative strategies, storytelling, and artwork:

Hashtags: #CareCantWait; #PaidLeaveforAll; #TimeToCare; #CareforAllReasons; #BuildBackBetter

We Can Thrive Together art by (L to R): "We Are Unstoppable" (Noa Denmon), "We Can Go Beyond" (Rommy Torrico), "Security Is Freedom" (Noa Denmon), and "Communities Rise Up" (Rommy Torrico). Download high-resolution copies here.


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