At The Opportunity Agenda's Communications Institutes, rising leaders working on issues critical to opportunity develop their communication skills, including framing and narrative development, utilizing public opinion and media research, understanding digital communications and social networking, persuasive writing, and on-camera broadcast presentation. Upon completion, they become Communication Fellows, and get to work shaping the public dialogue in their home communities.

    Queen Adesuyi

    Policy Coordinator, Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of National Affairs

    Queen Adesuyi is a policy coordinator at the Drug Policy Alliance’s (DPA) Office of National Affairs in Washington, D.C., where she works to advance DPA’s federal and local District of Columbia legislative agenda. Her areas of focus include marijuana legalization with a racial justice focus, collateral consequences, housing, and overdose prevention. 

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    Sunu P. Chandy

    Legal Director, National Women’s Law Center

    Sunu P. Chandy is the legal director of the National Women’s Law Center where she oversees the Center’s litigation efforts and helped to create the Center’s Legal Network for Gender Equity, building policies to guide the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund. She also provides guidance for the Center’s policy positions towards workplace equality.

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    Anthony Francisco, Jr.

    Elected Representative, Tohono O’odham Legislative Branch

    Anthony Francisco, Jr. is Tohono O'odham (desert person) from southern Arizona where he raises his kids, runs, works, and serves his community. He sits as an elected representative for his tribe’s Legislative Council.

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    Elayne Gregg

    Member, Indivisible Tohono

    Elayne Gregg is Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham and Inupiaq. She is a member of the grassroots group, Indivisible Tohono, which engages in voter rights and civic engagement throughout her community. She currently resides in Coolidge, AZ with her husband and is a mother of five.

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    DeAnna Hoskins

    President and CEO, JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA)

    DeAnna Hoskins is president and CEO of JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA). A nationally recognized leader and dynamic public speaker, DeAnna has been committed to the movement for justice, working alongside people impacted by incarceration for nearly two decades.

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    Thomas Kennedy

    Political Director, Florida Immigrant Coalition

    Born in Argentina, Thomas Kennedy came to the United States with his parents at the age of 10, first living in New Jersey before settling down in Miami. After living as an undocumented immigrant for over a decade and seeing the daily struggles his parents overcame to have a better life, Thomas became involved in student activism and immigration reform advocacy.

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    Patrice Lawrence

    Executive Director, UndocuBlack Network

    Named one of the top 300 influencers in Washington, D.C, Patrice Lawrence is the Executive Director of the UndocuBlack Network.

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    Marisa Limón Garza

    Deputy Director, Hope Border Institute

    Marisa Limón Garza is an El Paso native with over 15 years of experience engaging multicultural audiences through the lens of advocacy, education, strategic communications, advertising campaigns, and community involvement.

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    Kristen Marston

    Culture and Entertainment Advocacy Director, Color of Change

    Kristen Marston has dedicated her career to creating positive and long-lasting change within the entertainment industry, first by working to encourage equal employment opportunities for diverse directors at the Directors Guild of America and, most recently, by consulting with executives, writers, producers, and influencers to shift cultural narratives surrounding immigrants and immigration in film and on television. 

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    Aseante Renee

    Director of Communications, Common Justice

    Aseante Renee is a strategy and communications executive with over 12 years of experience working at the intersections of healing, wellness, and criminal justice. Currently, she is the Director of Communications at Common Justice, a nonprofit that develops and advances solutions to violence that transform the lives of those harmed and fosters racial equity without relying on incarceration.

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    Troy Rienstra

    Outreach Director, Safe and Just Michigan

    Troy Rienstra joined Safe and Just Michigan in 2017 and works to advance the organization’s outreach program by elevating the voices of people directly harmed by the effects of crime and punishment. He is responsible for outreach activities to crime survivors, formerly incarcerated individuals and their family members, and the faith community.

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    Alexis Sims

    Communication Director, Mothering Justice

    Alexis Sims works as communication director for Mothering Justice. She loves to create relationships and narratives for viewers, supporters, and members via web design, brand strategy design, photography and video production, and anything else that connects Mothering Justice to the communities that they’re a part of.

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    Nour Soubani

    Lead Community Organizer, Campaign to Take on Hate

    Nour Soubani is the lead community organizer for the Campaign to Take on Hate in Dearborn and Detroit, MI. Through the Campaign, she works on issues of surveillance, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism and discrimination, and on building power within these communities to resist systemic racism of all forms.

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    David Trujillo

    Advocacy Director, ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties

    David Trujillo serves as Advocacy Director of the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties. ACLU-SDIC is a prominent force for the protection and expansion of fundamental rights in California’s second-most populous county and southern borderlands. David guides the affiliate’s public policy and civic engagement agenda.

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    Jheanelle Wilkins

    Director of State and Local Government Affairs, The Leadership Conference

    Jheanelle Wilkins is an advocate for underserved communities and dedicated to creating greater opportunity for all people to live their best lives. She has pursued this passion through advocacy for a decade at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the nation’s premier civil rights coalition, where she is the Director of State and Local Government Affairs. Jheanelle also serves in the Maryland General Assembly, representing the state’s 20th legislative district.

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    Rev. Erica N. Williams, M.Div.

    National Social Justice Organizer, Repairers of the Breach

    Rev. Erica N. Williams is a preacher, activist and community leader, who serves with head and heart. Currently, she serves as a National Social Justice Organizer for Repairers of the Breach, a social justice organization founded by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, and as one of the lead organizers for the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

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