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The Narrative Research Lab furthers The Opportunity Agenda's mission of advancing and strengthening connections within the immigration space, acting as a repository for research that has shaped narrative in the movement. The Lab’s digital library (below) supports this goal by enabling partners to discover effective messaging more quickly and build on each other’s research more efficiently.

Parties interested in learning more about the Narrative Research Lab, becoming a member, or submitting their research to our list are invited to sign up. Those who would like to search available research and make requests for privately-held research are welcome to use the digital library below. However, only those who have completed and returned a signed copy of the Memorandum of Understanding will have rights to view all of the works listed.

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Search the library using the open search and/or dropdown fields below. If your search results are not publicly available (as marked by a hyperlink), copy the resource title(s), click “Submit Library Request,” and paste resource title(s) into the form. Response time: typically 5-8 business days. Watch the digital library instructional walk-through video here

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Year Title Institution File Type Issue Area
2020 Care in Action Poll Heroes Act Poll Change Research Report Voter Survey
2020 Immigration and Covid-19 New American Economy Report, Other Policy Review
2020 National Coronavirus Poll Change Research
2020 Family Separation Is Not Over: How the Trump Administration Continues to Separate Children from Their Parents to Serve Its Political Ends. Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights Report, Survey Detention
2020 Messaging This Moment: Mobilizing Our Base and Persuading the Middle on Policing, Protest and Racial Injustice Race Class Narrative Action Other Messaging Strategy
2020 Policies Affecting Asylum Seekers at the Border: The Migrant Protection Protocols, the Asylum Transit, and Metering American Immigration Council Factsheet Policy Review
2020 Rethinking the Public Health Paradigm: The Intersection of Immigration, Race and Public Health Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, New Hampshire Division of Public Health Slide Deck Messaging Strategy
2020 The Year in Hate and Extremism Southern Poverty Law Center Report Other
2020 Reader's Digest and More in Common American Unity Survey More in Common Survey Public Opinion
2020 Immigration Data and Policy Update During COVID-19 Crisis The Immigrant Learning Center Public Education Institute Slide Deck Policy Review

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