Flipping the Script on the Tax Cut Debate

November 28, 2017

We all want and deserve thriving communities with great schools and parks, modern roads and bridges, a strong healthcare system and benefits for our veterans; and we chip in to pay for that through taxes. But our tax code needs serious reform. It is riddled with out-of-control tax breaks that are syphoning off the resources that would be better used in our communities.

An image that reads Stop Trump Tax Cuts

The House of Representatives passed the GOP tax bill on Nov. 16, and the Senate continues to move ahead with its own version, with a vote possibly this Thursday. These bills are not the solution. Both proposals are touted as tax cuts, even though many middle-income Americans would have to pay more in taxes. The plans (and resulting budget cuts) could be devastating for families living in poverty and millions of other Americans.

In response, our partners are organizing with remarkable speed -- planning demonstrations, distributing petitions, and encouraging Americans to voice their concerns over the GOP’s “tax scam” bill, which rattles our economic security, damages community, and creates barriers to opportunity. You can get involved too.

Take Action:

This week, more than 80 actions against the #TrumpTaxScam are being held. MoveOn.org has organized events across the country, leading up to Thursday. Americans for Tax Fairness has compiled more nationwide events on this calendar.

For those who want to go beyond traditional means of protest, use these creative action ideas co-developed by some of our Creative Change alumni.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to join a protest or direct action, you can always call your senators and encourage others to call as well. Use the following toolkits as a guide:

  • If you live in the 9 key states, Center for American Progress’ Trump Tax Toolkit connects you directly to your senator, so you can demand that they vote “no”.
  • If you live in a different state, Indivisible offers a peer-to-peer calling Toolkit, which allows you to call voters in key states and encourage them to call their Senator in protest of the tax bill.
  • Leave a comment about the tax bill on this website: GOPTaxBill.us

Learn more:

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) published a roundup analysis of the Senate tax plan and a tool showing how the tax bill would affect your state.  

The Center for American Progress has new commentaries that are worth a read: The Senate Tax Bill Would Eliminate Programs for Farmers, Crime Victims, the Elderly, and Children and 5 Reasons Communities of Faith Should Be Alarmed by the Tax Bill.

And finally, read our Quick Tips for Talking About Poverty and Taxes.