Saying ‘Congratulations and Goodbye’ to Two Long-Time Colleagues

November 28, 2017

Earlier this year, two formative staff members of The Opportunity Agenda moved on to pursue new career opportunities.

Photograph of Kisha Parks and Juhu Thukral

Juhu Thukral, who spent eight years as Director of Law and Advocacy at The Opportunity Agenda, has taken her messaging and narrative expertise to the international sphere. In June, she joined The Narrative Initiative, which is launching a global narrative network, as Program Director. As a member of The Opportunity Agenda’s senior management and leadership team, Juhu contributed a brilliant mind and unflagging energy to all of our work. In particular, she helped build our social justice partnerships into the expansive network it is today. Her sense of humor, quick wit, and impassioned energy will be missed.

Kisha Parks, who celebrated 10 years at The Opportunity Agenda, moved with her daughter to Virginia in October, where she accepted the position of Operations Manager at the Wyss Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to environmental protection and progressive policy. As our Director of Operations, Kisha’s management and interpersonal skills were matched only by her big heart and magnetic personality. Kisha brought a strong sense of collegiality and an enormous amount of fun to The Opportunity Agenda, and will surely carry this on to her new team.

We wish Juhu and Kisha all the best in their new adventures. Their individual contributions to our growth and success as an organization are invaluable, and we are honored to have worked with them for so long.