Take a Moment for Restorative Self-care

September 26, 2018

The end of September marks the final quarter of the year, and often in the social justice field, our work picks up to meet campaign goals, annual objectives, and programmatic visions. With this pressure comes the need for self-care and reflection – two things that we don’t always find enough time for. So in addition to uplifting our partners’ work this month, we carved out some space for things that activists and advocates can do to prevent burn-out and prioritize self-care, thanks to The Center for Story-based Strategy’s interactive self-care tools. We hope you will check this fun resource out, and that it will help you all get through the final months of 2018, which (we know) has not been an easy year!

Our 2018 Communications Institute Fellow Jorge Luis Vasquez, who is Associate Counsel at LatinoJustice PRLDEF, had an extensive, informative op-ed in USA Today last week, where he discussed his Puerto Rican roots and urged the government to properly support the families devastated by Hurricane Maria. “It is beyond confounding to learn that this year, as Puerto Rico struggled to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, $10 million was diverted from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay to put children in the cages of detention centers,” Jorge writes in the piece.

Mary Small, our Communications Institute Fellow (CC ’17) and Policy Director at Detention Watch Network, was featured in a CNN story detailing the Trump administration’s redirection of federal money to ICE and the impact this could have on communities of color. Mary was also featured in an L.A. Times story detailing the growing national outcry against ICE, and the need to reform the problematic agency.


The Center for Story-based Strategy, a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change, has come out with BRB!, a digital card deck with 52 different ideas on how to take a restorative break from the hard work of social change. If you are feeling stressed, click on a card and do a mini-break activity. They also developed No Burnout Bingo – a fun icebreaker to open up the conversation about self-care.

Creative Change alumna Katie Bowers (CC ’16) shared several new projects that the Harry Potter Alliance is working on. Earlier this month, they launched Dumbledore's Army Fights Back, a new campaign that “works to connect and bond activists in new ways and help them respond to each challenge with energy, imagination, and — most importantly — love.” The first #DAFightsBack action was in collaboration with Define American to bring attention to the more than 400 children still separated from their families. Sign up to be notified of upcoming actions.

Wakanda Dream Lab, a project of Creative Change alumni Terry Marshall and Aisha Shillingford of Intelligent Mischief (CC ’17), invited Black and Afro-Diasporic writers, activists, organizers, movement leaders, and freedom fighters to participate in #BlackFreedomBeyondBorders, a collective black liberation imagining centered around Immigration. The event was part of Black August 2018, “a historical time of sacred resistance within the African American community.” Wakanda Dream Lab is a collective fan-driven project that bridges the worlds of Black fandom and #Blacktivism for Black Liberation. Its organizers build on the aesthetics and pop-culture appeal of Wakanda to develop a vision, principles, values, and framework for organizing a new base of activists, artists, and fans for Black Liberation.