A Shared Narrative for Criminal Justice Reform Communications

Building a Narrative: Value, Problem, Solution, Action


Vision and Values:
We all want to live in safe communities, to be treated with dignity and respect. Our criminal justice policies should reflect that.

We are currently saddled with an outdated, unfair, and bloated criminal justice system that drains resources and disrupts communities.
We need pragmatic and varied approaches that uphold our values, and to invest in prevention and alternatives.
We can all play a role in overhauling this system. You can:
  • Equal Justice, Our Constitution, Due Process,
  • Dignity, Voice, Respect
  • Safety and Prevention
  • Commonsense and Ingenuity
  • Always state a vision first and then talk about challenges to and opportunities for getting there.


  • System is too big and costly -- over-incarceration, private prisons.
  • Treats people unfairly – racial profiling, inequitable sentencing.
  • Outdated, “one size fits all” approach defies common sense.
  • All of this violates our values, points us in the wrong direction.
  • Greater investment in prevention and treatment: mental health and addiction services, job training, economic opportunity.
  • For Policing: Training, accountability, community involvement, and a focus on evidence.
  • For Re-Entry: A chance to start over through training, opportunity, and removing arbitrary barriers.
  • True to our shared values.


  • Vote
  • Contact Policymakers
  • Engage in Activism
  • Share on Social Networks
  • Tell a Friend
  • Be a Media Activist