Moving Hearts, Minds, and Policy for Lasting Change

The Opportunity Agenda is a social justice communication lab that works to advance the impact of the social justice community. We do this by:

  • Shaping compelling narratives and messages
  • Building the communication capacity of leaders through training and resources
  • Engaging with artists, creatives, and culture makers as powerful storytellers to shift the public discourse

We believe that opportunity should be full and equal and that greater opportunity for all benefits everyone.

Every day, social justice leaders work to expand opportunity by advancing policies and a culture that support the rights and voices of all people. Yet, too often the social justice community must counter well-financed communication efforts that support inequitable and unjust policies.

To successfully opposeĀ these efforts, social justice leaders need support to tell compelling and evocative stories that drive policy and culture change. The Opportunity Agenda exists to provide that support.

We believe in the power of communication and collaboration to drive lasting change. We partner with leaders to move hearts and minds, and to drive lasting policy and culture change by lifting up the inspirational voices of opportunity and possibility.

Let's work together to expand opportunity for all.