The Opportunity Agenda uses a unique combination of communication expertise and creative engagement to help social justice leaders tell a better story, move hearts and minds, and drive lasting policy and culture change. We demonstrate and advance the idea that when there is more opportunity, life improves for everyone.

Using research to craft compelling narratives and effective messages, we build the communication capacity of social justice leaders through training and resources. We engage with artists, creatives, and culture makers as powerful storytellers to inspire mass audiences and activism. The Opportunity Agenda brings the inspirational voice of opportunity and possibility to social justice issues.


We create new approaches that break long-held barriers, leverage new opportunities, and are relevant in the context of changing cultural, political, and media dynamics. 


We believe in the power of creative expression to transcend traditional narratives. We engage with artist-activists and cultural creatives to help tell a better story and to influence and impact our culture. We bring creativity to every aspect of our work, and foster new ideas to create change.


We are part of the social justice community and have a deep commitment to engaging our peers and understanding their needs. We listen and incorporate our diverse allies’ perspectives into our work. We build relationships of trust, and work with social justice leaders to increase our collective impact and to drive lasting change.