Current Initiatives

By: Athena Soules

The Opportunity Agenda uses four factors to determine which issues we work on:

  1. Critical to opportunity: Though there are many pressing fights facing the social justice community, we only get involved when creating full and equal opportunity is directly at stake. 
  2. Urgency: We focus on issues that are already a major part of the public discourse and policy landscape, where immediate action can shape policy and public opinion in the short-term.
  3. Enduring: We prioritize foundational issues, where change will affect people today, tomorrow, and into the future. 
  4. An existing partner landscape: Because we work exclusively in partnership, we choose issues with an existing landscape of partners who appreciate the value of what The Opportunity Agenda can contribute and are ready to work with us.

Weighing these four factors, we choose 3-4 initiatives to focus on at any one time. Generally our initiatives are time-limited, focusing on a specific challenge or capacity gap faced by leaders working on the issue.