Economic Opportunity

The promise of economic opportunity is deeply rooted in our nation's history and consciousness, and is a crucial element of "the American dream" that we all work towards. Nearly 1 in 6 Americans, however, live in poverty and a substantial majority agree that the government should do more to ensure that American prosperity is broadly shared.

Through our public opinion analysis, a media analysis, and social media scans, The Opportunity Agenda is working to create a fuller picture of how Americans see poverty and poor people, as well as how mainstream and social media cover poverty and poor people. This information is a critical resource for advocates, policy makers, and commentators to tell a more honest and empowering story as a means of reshaping public perceptions.

To inform and empower those leaders, The Opportunity Agenda hosts The Amp for advocates, policy makers, commentators and others to share work, learn from each other, and form a cohesive movement to challenge poverty.

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