Bridging the Racial Gap in Opportunity

When it comes to our economy, we’re all in it together. Thriving communities, fair wages, high savings rates, and stable homeownership benefit all Americans, and they fulfill our national promise of shared prosperity.

Yet, research has consistently shown that a rising tide does not always lift all boats. Communities of color face steep barriers to economic security and mobility linked to race in good times and in bad, and these barriers endure, generation to generation.

The Opportunity Agenda, in partnership with organizations like the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, has investigated the factors that lead to these disparities, and worked with the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, as well as researchers, advocates, public officials, and business leaders to promote meaningful solutions to them. Work included:

  • Training dozens of spokespeople spanning the issues of employment, lending, housing, business development, and land-use;
  • Crafting collaborative message recommendations which incorporate Asian American, American Indian, African American, Latino, and European American perspectives;
  • Media outreach; and
  • Support to policy advocacy.

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