Economic Opportunity

The Opportunity Agenda believes that our economy works best when it works for all of us. The path to true prosperity is paved with fair wages, access to sustainable homeownership for communities of color and working-class families, and the right to benefit from community assets regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, and sexual orientation or identity.

Our national progress towards these goals has been sporadic at best. Poverty rates are climbing, inequality is growing, and recovery from the great recession has been far slower in communities of color than in the nation overall. These issues are complicated, though, weaving through public investment, home ownership, poverty, and many other topics.

The Opportunity Agenda has worked on many of these issues independently, including through initiatives focused on ensuring a fair economic recovery, securing home opportunity, using transportation infrastructure to transform the the landscape of opportunity, and moving Americans from poverty to opportunity. At the same, we have kept a long-term focus on knitting together a larger, more effective economic opportunity movement.

Through this work, we are developing top-of-spigot policies that address these systemic challenges, and preparing partners from across the country to advocate for economic growth that includes all Americans.