Opportunity Rising

We're stronger as a country when we work together for the common good. One of The Opportunity Agenda’s very first projects, Opportunity Rising; was a campaign in collaboration with the Campaign for Community Values focused on “Community Values.” Beginning with the Iowa caucuses and continuing throughout the 2008 general election season, we promoted the idea that Americans are stronger and more prosperous when we work together.

This idea, once intuitive to our culture, felt practically revolutionary in an America where political discussions increasingly center on extreme individualism. The theme served to articulate a positive vision while creating a unifying theme for disparate groups and issues.

Throughout the campaign, we engaged community organizations and advocates with the community values theme through a series of nonpartisan, non-electoral activities, including the Heartland Presidential Forum, which featured major presidential candidates. We then trained hundreds of organizers and advocates in California, Colorado, and Tennessee, provided communications tools to thousands of leaders, and placed a number of important news stories. Not incidentally, the conversation during the 2008 electoral cycle was focused on our national values and the kind of nation we want to be.

Read the Community Values toolkit and its abbreviated version.