Reproductive Justice

By: Dawn Porter from the documentary "Trapped"

The reproductive justice movement works to create a society in which all people have the economic, social, and political resources necessary to make healthy decisions about their bodies, sexuality, and reproduction for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The movement is composed of and protects the rights of low-income women and communities of color, focusing on economic, cultural, and immigration barriers to accessing services; issues of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity; disparities in community investment and protection of rights based on race, ethnicity, gender, disabilities, and language; and innovative models for addressing gender-based violence. These issues are deeply complex, contentious, and in many places taboo. And, the individuals most affected by them are systematically excluded from the policy process.

The Opportunity Agenda collaborated with leading reproductive justice advocates and organizations to develop a coordinated communications strategy that moves policy in the short term and shifts the public dialogue in the long term. Click here to see our report, Reproductive Justice: A Communications Overview.