The Opportunity Agenda Is Growing!

May 28, 2020

Insights from The Opportunity Agenda

Especially now, during a time of great struggle, we find confidence and joy in pieces of good news that we can celebrate. We are happy to share that The Opportunity Agenda has such news, in the form of four new staff members, two of whom have joined us already.

As we build for a new phase of work to equip social justice leaders with the skills, content, and research needed to be effective communicators and leaders of narrative change, we welcome four new members to our team. These positions, which are to replace Opportunity Agenda staff members who have transitioned into other opportunities, include a new Vice President, Program Strategy and Impact, a Manager of Media Strategy, a Training and Engagement Manager, and a new Communications and Training Associate.


Adam Luna, our new Vice President, Program Strategy and Impact, will join us in June after serving as Senior Advisor at United We Dream. Adam’s more than 20 years of experience as a strategist, movement leader, and communications specialist includes serving as Political Director at America’s Voice and Director of External Affairs at Community Change. His work includes, but is not limited to: creating and implementing campaigns that stopped Social Security privatization and other important economic opportunity programs; leading mobilizations and grassroots campaigns on a range of issues; developing and advancing proactive communications and narrative shift strategies; and building and leading United We Dream’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) implementation program.

Adam has served as a senior strategist on politics, communications, leadership development and organizational growth. Throughout his career, Adam has brought the voices of directly impacted people into the mainstream and has developed new and creative ways to advance progressive campaigns for equity, human rights and justice.


Christiaan Perez, our new Manager of Media Strategy, will join us in June from LatinoJustice PRLDEF where he managed much of their media and messaging strategy, focusing on the intersection of advocacy and technology to help amplify and engage with LatinoJustice’s community partners.

Before working at LatinoJustice, Christiaan was a freelance journalist for Spanish and English radio. Before that, he worked at a radio station in Mexico called Zoom 95.5 and a non-profit in the Netherlands focused on supporting independent media called Free Press Unlimited. Christiaan graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor’s in Political Science and Global Studies.


Chrystian Rodriguez, our new Training and Engagement Manager, is a filmmaker and an experienced program leader in the field of media education and social justice cinema, bringing over 15 years of experience working with diverse organizations, educators, cultural workers, and community organizers to develop empowering learning spaces and to craft impactful media projects that promote equity, community power, and social justice. Prior to joining our team, Chrystian worked with Third World Newsreel, FROM HERE, Global Action Project, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Youth INC, and Mozilla Foundations’ Hive NYC Learning Network.

In his spare time, Chrystian leads an intensive film program, teaching new filmmakers to develop compelling films addressing critical socio-political issues. He also provides coaching for community organizers, designing media tools to advance their campaigns on using equitable storytelling practices that uphold values of social accountability and community power.


Jade Wilenchik, our new Communications and Training Associate, was previously the Network Policy Manager at the Roosevelt Institute, an organization committed to rewriting the rules that define our social and economic realities. In this role, she provided campaign and communications strategy to student-led policy projects; designed and led trainings; and managed the production of their annual policy journal, 10 Ideas.

Much of Jade’s academic and professional experience has been rooted in worker’s rights and economic justice, having held leadership roles in Emerson Progressives and Radicals in Defense of Employees (USAS Local 196), sat on the Executive Committee of the Newsguild of New York, and worked for Jobs with Justice MA. 

Please join us in welcoming our new team members and celebrating the terrific talent that they bring to The Opportunity Agenda. We hope you’ll get to know and work with our new colleagues soon, and feel free to reach out to introduce yourself! You can read all our staff bios here.