From Now to Inauguration: A VPSA for Talking About Our New Future

November 17, 2020

Insights from The Opportunity Agenda

While Trump is still refusing to concede and Jan. 20 feels a long way away, there is still much to celebrate and spread joy regarding the results of the 2020 elections. For one, people came out in record numbers to cast their ballots. We should celebrate the historic 150 million voters nationwide and the nearly 79 million people who demanded change with their votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let’s also remember to celebrate the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx voters who used their votes to make their voices heard at the polls in high numbers, in states like Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. 

Indeed, the people have called for change. While we wait during this transition period, let’s not fall bait to Trump’s negative rhetoric. Instead, let’s continue to focus on our values, uplifting the opportunity agenda we hope the new Biden administration will achieve, and continuing to work towards systemic justice.

We have the tools to help you do that. Here’s a VPSA to help talk about the election and our values during this interim period:

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How to Talk About Our New Future: VPSA Messaging Guide
Now that votes are counted and the voices across the country are heard, we can take a breath and celebrate our diverse communities. We will protect one another, and we will build a new future on the foundation of our highest values: voice, community, safety, and dignity for all.
Value: Everyone deserves to be heard and to live with dignity. Together, we can reimagine a new future where we all thrive.
Problem: We live in an era where systems built to oppress the majority and enrich a tiny group of billionaires are being revealed across the board. From healthcare systems built to bankrupt people. To law enforcement built to lock up and kill Black and brown people. We can see the truths of systems built to oppress.
Solution: Together we can reimagine a new future for everyone. We will stop the devastating impact of Donald Trump. We will push the Biden administration to deliver real systemic change built upon our values: All voices must be heard, We are stronger together, All people deserve to be safe, and dignity for all.
Action: Let's take a breath together and celebrate. After we celebrate, we'll continue to thwart those who wish to inflict more harm. We will also reimagine a future for all people and demand that the new Biden administration deliver systemic reform.

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